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Our Testimonials

Sarina Ross, HR Superintendent Florida Canyon Mining, Inc.
"Pray and Company is terrific to work with and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing team.

As a candidate, they listen to your needs and give you professional & honest advice.

As a client, they go above and beyond to assist you in recruiting talent for key roles. They are always available to answer HR questions, discuss strategy and provide overall business advice.

Pray & Company continues to assist Florida Canyon Mining, Inc. in moving forward with a successful future. I strongly recommend them; whether you are a job-seeker looking for a career opportunity or a business looking for assistance with your HR and other business needs."

Boris Calienes
"I really enjoyed working with Emily and the whole Pray & Company team throughout my experience!

I noticed the differences in levels of professionalism in every single aspect of the Pray & Company experience; communication, dedication to answering questions on time, great coordination during the site visits for interviews, strong follow-up and genuine interest in helping me as candidate.

I recommend Pray & Company to candidates and employers – looking to find their dream job and accomplishing their staffing needs!"

-Mike Ayala, Park Place Communities
"I would highly recommend Pray Solutions to anyone looking to make their company better. Rhonda & Dana have assisted us in recruiting top talent and creating the systems and processes to keep and mentor them, leadership and team building, and advising on personnel and HR matters. We are a completely different company today than when we first started working together. We have the right people, with the right skills, a happier team, and our turnover is down immensely due to their knowledge, coaching and expertise."

-Grover Wallace, HR Manager

“To first understand, I have worked with Pray Solutions on a number of professional positions and found the quality and quantity of candidates supplied to be stellar. They take the time to first understand the client’s true needs and then thoroughly filter the resumes sending only those that meet the desired qualifications. Pray Solutions and their staff are great to work with and very cooperative.”

-Jessica Link, Candidate

“I had been struggling with whether or not I should stay at my old job for quite some. A few weeks before my 30th birthday, Pray & Company contacted me via Facebook regarding a career opportunity. I’ve seen so many messages from head hunters via LinkedIn, but all were jobs on the other side of the country and for positions that weren’t exactly in my field of work. So, at first I was skeptical of the contacts. After finding out Pray & Company had actually networked with some of my colleagues, I felt this opportunity was more tailored to me and my skill-set. From that point, I couldn’t find and reason not to check things out and see if this position was for me.

Pray & Company set up an interview that consisted of a dinner and tour with all the Superintendents at the site. They coordinated and guided me through a very exciting but slightly terrifying process and I couldn’t be more thankful for their hard work and this opportunity.”

- Joe Thomas

"A huge thanks to Dede Barker and Pray & Company for a foot in the door with my new employer and for helping me throughout the hiring process. I enjoy being with a start-up operation and the learning and experiences offered.”

- Aubree Barnum

"Pray & Company has proven to be a reliable resource and business partner, providing efficient and effective solutions to meet our specific business needs. Our organization values their professional expertise in the areas of recruitment, compensation, advertising and promotional services. We especially appreciate that their HR strategies are tailored to suit our unique organizational culture. I would highly recommend the Pray Team for anyone in need of HR services."

- Mike Woodland, HR Manager McEwen Mining

"Pray & Company provided great support during our operational start-up including through their assistance with on-boarding and recruiting. They were able to leverage their vast network of contacts which helped us fill critical roles."

- Lennie Martin

"If you're looking for a recruiter type company that works hard to place you and stays in touch, try Pray and Company. Awesome people!"

- Joe Thomas

"A huge thanks to DeDe Barker and Pray & Company for a foot in the door with my new employer and for helping me throughout the hiring process. I enjoy being with a start-up operation and the learning and experiences offered."